[english] Demandes de licences et de passeports
period 2021 / 2022

Step 1/3: Form

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This form is to be filled by the administrative responsible of every club or group member of the FEI. Here is the procedure:
  • Complete the indications concerning your club or group of iaï.
  • Indicate the date of your bank transfer. Or, for the payment by check (in France only): indicate the issuing bank of the check, the number and the date of issue of the check. Prices: see below.
  • Indicate names and first names of the new members who ask for a passport. ATTENTION! Passports will be established only on the basis of request forms completely filled and sent by email (jm.spothelfer@vtxnet.ch) or by mail to J.-M. Spothelfer, ch. de Chamblandes 36, CH-1009 Pully
  • Establish the list of the members wishing to renew their license.
  • In case of change of mail address of one of the members, indicate it under "Remarque".
  • Indicate a possible request of replacement of passport (price = 15.-or CHF 16.-).
  • To avoid weighing down the workload of the General Secretary, the club managers are deeply asked to check that their demands are complete and to send no more than two lists of demands a year. Thank you!

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