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Your payment code: [payment_code]

If the payment is done by a bank transfert, please fill its reference with the given payment code, otherwise, if it is done with a cheque, please  write the payment code on its back.


Please, print and complete the PDF form, and send it to J.-M. Spothelfer, ch. de Chamblandes 36, CH-1009 Pully

REMEMBER: Passports will be established only on the basis of request forms completely (and legibly!) filled, and sent to the General Secretary.

Information recieved on the submission of your formular:
nom: [club_name]
numéro d’affiliation à la FEI-IAI: [club_num]
nom du manager: [club_manager_firstname] [club_manager_lastname]
email: [club_manager_email]
adresse: [club_manager_address]
code postal: [club_manager_postal_code]
ville: [club_manager_city]
pays: [club_manager_country]
date du virement bancaire: [club_bank_date]
numéro de chèque: [club_cheque_num]
numéro de chèque: [club_cheque_num]
autre type de paiement: [club_other_payment_type]
prix: [total_price_euro]€, [total_price_chf].-
note: [club_note]

With best regards, FEI

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